Update on swine flu


[ad#ad-1]The swine flu has been spreading, with more deaths in Mexico and more confirmed cases in the US and Canada.  There are increasingly more suspected cases reported in Mexico and this has spread to other countries as well, including Spain, Israel, New Zealand and Australia.  These cases have been reported in tourists who recently visited Mexico.

The WHO have not increased their pandemic alert level, but they have issued travel advisories.  Because of this, there is concern in the travel industry and shares have plummeted.

Yet, so far, there have been no deaths outside of Mexico.  The international cases have been comparatively mild and all have responded to antiviral therapy.  The deaths in Mexico may be attributed to the fact that it is more severe and many have been unable to receive treatment.  A British woman in Mexico reported that she was very ill and could not get out of bed.  However, she was unsure if she had the swine flu.  Information, according to her, was rather scanty.

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