Feb 19 2009

The dangers of tanning beds

Just to re-emphasise my point: why are people so obsessed with tanning?! A story just appeared about a 14-year old entering an unmanned tanning salon and ended up with first degree burns, requiring medical attention.

At least the girl showed some maturity by accepting the responsibility for her actions. However, she did point out that teenagers are liable to do just about anything, so having an unmanned tanning salon is extremely dangerous. It does not matter that you have posters around warning about the dangers of using a tanning bed. Many teenagers either don’t care or they feel that adults are too overly cautious. Like some adults, they may also feel they know enough not to get injured.

It is illegal for someone under 16 to be using the tanning beds. But if the shop is unmanned, with beds being coin-operated, who’s to monitor the usage. Also, in manned shops, will the person on duty card everyone who enters? I doubt that. Additionally, are these managers qualified to give tanning advice? Many are probably students working for a little extra cash.

The tanning culture is so ubiquitous that even very young kids are getting the message that they must tan to appear acceptable. Why are we teaching our kids to be so superficial about such a thing as their skin color? There are enough problems to deal with. We should be teaching kids about the dangers of tanning and learning to accept themselves.

Tanning beds are dangerous.  The rays may not be as harmful as the sun, but the effect on the skin is the same.  It will cause the skin to age prematurely, as well as other skin damage.  And if people fall asleep, as occurs frequently, or end up staying in the bed longer than anticipated, resulting in burns, then the damage worsens.

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Feb 18 2009

Will tanning go out of style?

We are living in a tan-obsessed world. I would certainly welcome it when pale comes back into fashion, although that is highly unlikely. Tanning is so prevalent, despite all the health risks, that unless a lot more Hollywood starlets start sporting a beautiful, but fair, complexion, it will never go out of fashion.

Yet, it seems some people tan as if it WAS going out of fashion. The fact that some people fell for the farce of tanning through their computer shows how desperate people are to get a tan. Now, there is a new injectable drug, called Melanotan. Although this stuff is unlicensed in the UK, it is available, and people have taken advantage of it. Despite experts’ advice against use of the drug, due to its side effects and the fact that it is untested and unlicensed. They also worry that some people are reusing needles in order to inject themselves, which creates further problems. Now, they are urging retailers not to sell them. Yet, the product is available on the internet, so that all sales cannot be prevented.

Studies have shown that tanning can cause many skin problems, from cosmetic to cancerous, yet people do not seem to heed the warnings. They are constantly on the search for “safer” means to tan. But, there has not been any means that have been considered “safe”, yet people have not given up tanning for pleasure.

I cannot see what is so attractive in someone looking like a lobster, as a prelude to a beautiful tan. Or, those who tan so often in the tanning beds that they no longer look like their own race. Not everyone is attractive in dark skin.