May 11 2009

Sex ban in Kenya not working

Just to highlight the importance of sex to humans, a Kenyan man is suing a group called the Women’s Development Organisation for urging women to boycott sex.  This was to force Kenyan political leaders to work together for common good.  Apparently, the ban is not working, and now the “common man” is suffering under the stress and strain of having his conjugal rights denied.

Sex is a basic human/animal need.  In humans, we know that it reduces stress.  And, of course, in a marriage, it may help reduce strain.  The Kenyan man, Mr. James Kimondo, also claims that he has suffered other physical and psychological problems, such as mental anguish, lack of concentration, backache, and sleeplessness.

I think the ban was a good idea.  It has been tried before, but it does not seem to be working now.  It’s possible that this is due to one political rival’s wife participating in the ban, but the wife of the other is not.  It cannot move the leaders if not all their wives are in on it.

But it would be silly if they allow such a case to go to court.  Though the group encouraged women to participate, there was no pressure for anyone to do so.  This should be a personal issue that Mr. Kimondo and his wife should work out.  Or, if Mr. Kimondo has any political clout, he should use it to push his leaders.