Swine flu claims “healthy” victims


Now that there are documented reports of healthy individuals contracting and dying from swine flu, it becomes a more serious issue.  Yes, the authorities are still trying to calm people by reassuring them that most cases are mild, but it cannot eradicate the uncertainties that such a thing can strike close to home.

Every time someone coughs or sneezes, we joke about swine flu, and I hope that “normal” bystanders will recognise that we are only teasing and not think that we have swine flu and attempt to have us removed or quarantined.  But, I suppose that since it is becoming more serious, the jokes should end.

The school has sent out notices to encourage us to teach the kids to follow good sanitary hygiene, whether at home, school or anywhere else.  We do our best, but we cannot guarantee that the kids will follow everything we tell them.  It does not help that the state of public bathrooms leaves much to be desired in terms of sanitation and hygiene.  Perhaps, the councils should start by having more people inspect these public toilets more often and ensuring that there is adequate soap and water or even hand sanitizer.

Swine flu is not “uncontainable”, so everyone is at risk.  But, steps need to be undertaken to prevent the spread or at least, limit it.

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