Social isolation from internet networking


We hear the warnings about being a couch potato, namely that it will lead to obesity and all its complications.  We know that physical inactivity leads to health problems.  Now, there is emphasis on the psychological problems that result from spending too much time on the computer.  That is, if we are on the computer simply to chat and network with others online.

It is known that people have become addicted to websurfing.  And, as they spend more time on the computer, they are spending less time with their friends and family.  There is a decline in social and physical relationships.  Experts warn that this leads to physical as well as psychological isolation.  And this isolation has been linked to health problems.  Studies have shown that those without a social network have poor coping skills and more stress, which then leads to poor health, as a result of a decrease in the functioning of the immune system.

Though some may argue that people networking on the web develop their own social group, this relationship is very superficial.  It does not provide true support that could be found in a real face-to-face relationship with another individual.  In addition, there is no physical contact, which has been shown to be quite therapeutic, especially during stress.   Therefore, these people become prey to many physical and psychological ailments.

In addition, because of the superficial nature of relationships on the web, people lose their ability to interact in real-life.  They have poor socialising skills, which further isolate them.  As they become more isolated, they are at increased risk for health problems.

So, experts are warning that people need to spend less time on the computer.  This becomes very difficult for many people, especially if they are already isolated.  More real-life social outlets need to be in place to help these people with social interaction.  If you know of someone who spends too much time in front of the computer, encourage them to get out and join in some group activities.

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  1. That’s one aspect of Cyberlithicum: A globally networked and organized generation where social interaction is replaced by interactions in cyberspace, with degenerative social and cultural effects.
    A typical gathering of young people these days with an ancient stoneage-scene as we conceive it: people sit around a table with an ashtray (= fireplace), and everybody is quietly moving fingers over the touchscreen of a smartphone (= polishing and sharpening stone-axes and bones)

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