Sex as a part of your exercise regime


A new report has come out with new claims about the benefits of sex. For years, it has been reported that regular sex helps with your mental well-being. It seems a no-brainer in many ways, doesn’t it? Then there was the report that regular sex helps boost your immune system so that you are not vulnerable to many common illnesses, such as the cold. That’s understandable, as many people fall prone to these ailments when they are under stress. Since sex relieves stress, it should help.

However, the report now claims that the immune system response can also help prevent other illnesses like cancer. Seems a bit far-fetched and some sex experts are skeptical about that. Nevertheless, they approve of the message that sex is good for you. Also, sex is promoted as a cardiovascular exercise, which in turn helps your heart. Yet, the report states that you can burn 300 calories from an hour of vigorous sex. Now, how many people you know can sustain that? With or without Viagra?

OK, I won’t undermine any of the claims nor will I dispute that sex is good for you. But I won’t condone the sexual license some may feel this report gives them. The benefits from sex depends on a healthy relationship with your sexual partner. So, if you have that, then go do it.

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