Seven swine flu related deaths in UK


We have had seven deaths in the UK linked to swine flu.  Though the flu has not been confirmed as the cause of death in all the new cases, it may have hastened it.  The only thing reported about all seven cases is that they all suffered underlying health problems, despite the fact that they are all relatively young (under 40), except one.  What these “underlying health problems” are is not revealed except in the case of the youngest – a girl of 6 with an immune disorder.  The secrecy behind the health problems leaves one wondering if it is not a cover-up.

So far, most cases are mild, but the pandemic is spreading at an extremely rapid pace and it is expected to increase in the coming month, with predictions of around 100,000 new cases a day.  At that rate, it would not be surprising for resistance to occur.  In fact, it has already occurred outside of the UK.  Given these statistics, I find it extremely shocking that there are some ill-informed people giving swine flu parties.  With the holiday season coming on, the chances of catching swine flu seem almost inevitable.

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