Oily fish with high omega-3 protects against macular degeneration


It’s interesting that a recent study regarding macular degeneration, which recommended eating oily fish to prevent progression of the disease, mentioned omega-3 but not lutein.

For the past few years, the antioxidant lutein was believed to be so beneficial that ophthalmologists recommended it to their patients.  But, this new study shows mixed results.  Of course, the focus was on omega-3, which showed to be protective for eye health against age-related macular degeneration.  The use of additional antioxidant vitamins, unfortunately, seemed to negate the positive benefits in early macular degeneration.  However, it did show benefit in advanced stages.

The recommendation on oily fish limits it to twice a week.  Experts warn that too much oily fish would lead to accumulation of low levels of pollutants.  So, every advice has a silver lining.

I eat quite a lot of fish and I wear glasses.  I don’t have macular degeneration, but I suppose I should avoid taking vitamins in case I should develop macular degeneration and push it to an advanced state.  Eat fish – don’t take vitamins.  Take vitamins – don’t eat fish?  The article did not address whether omega-3 or lutein had more benefit.

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