Excessive use of antibiotics to treat ear infections


[ad#ad-1]It seems that despite all the warnings about overuse of antibiotics, doctors are still prescribing them excessively. This is probably due to the determination by some patients and parents to acquire them. Or, it could be because they are at their wits’ end to figure out what to do for a condition.

Now, there is a new report on the overuse of antibiotics in treating chronic middle ear infections in children. Although antibiotics are appropriate in some cases, it is insufficient or unnecessary in others. This is especially the case with recurrent ear infections where fluid builds up in the middle ear, or when the membrane perforates and there is excessive drainage. Used incorrectly, it will not treat the problem, which can then lead to ear problems, especially deafness in children. In very young toddlers, recurrent infections will also affect their sense of balance, which will interfere with their walking, or learning to walk.

In some cases, the treatment could require the placement of ear tubes to drain fluid behind the ear drum. If this is deemed necessary, the child should be referred to an ear specialist, who is a surgeon qualified to perform the insertion of the tube. Seems like a simple thing, but for some reason, some doctors are reluctant to make referrals onward. Perhaps, instead of asking for antibiotics, parents should ask for a referral.

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