Electronic cigarettes may hold hidden dangers


It’s the first I’ve heard, but apparently, electronic cigarettes have been sold for a while. These objects look like a cigarette, but they are made of metal, usually stainless steel and wrapped like a cigarette. Inside is a cartridge containing liquid nicotine. When it is heated, users can inhale the vaporised droplets and breath out a mist. It is heated using batteries. These cigarettes became popular as a way to circumvent the No Smoking rules. Initially sold on the internet, they are now being seeing on street markets and retailers.

Though it may sound like a good idea, there are some concerns. Reports state that the amount of nicotine present is ‘highly toxic’ and its use has been banned in Australia. Opponents also point out that young children can accidentally swallow the cartridges, which would be extremely dangerous. The director of the company that manufactures the cigarettes has said that tests done on mice have shown that the product is safe, but no human studies have been done. The other big concern is that the product is made in China, where standards are not good.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that there is no government regulation on the sale of these cigarettes. Anyone can buy them. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, yet because it is not an illegal drug, per se, there are no rules against its use. If the government restricts the use of regular cigarettes, it should do so with these electronic ones as well. It is a bad habit and nicotine does have negative effects. Furthermore, they should investigate these legitimate concerns before they can allow it to be sold to the public.


  1. for most nicotine is not that addictive u dumbass its the fucking additives and tar thats the addictive part in cigarettes i quit smoking by going to a vaporizer and its fucking great so lay off of them its better and no hidden affects.

  2. Please refrain from using abusive language. Perhaps, you should think before you speak or write.

    Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances and it is what causes addiction to cigarettes. The additives and tar is what causes the damage that leads to cancer and emphysema. Because of nicotine addiction, smokers use nicotine products to get off cigarettes. And it’s good that you have done so. But nicotine has other effects, such as causing palpitations and anxiety. Not so different from caffeine.

    The article is not aimed at eliminating smokeless products. It aims to warn of hidden dangers of incorrect manufacturing and usage, and to keep it, like other drugs, away from children. Warnings should be in place, not unlike nicotine gum, which should not be chewed, but placed inside the cheek.

  3. I agree that these products absolutely need to be rigorously tested, regulated, and sold in controlled conditions.

    But they must be sold. There are millions of people worldwide who cannot stop smoking because the habit is so ingrained that it’s much more than just a chemical addiction. My entire adult life revolves around when and where I will be able to have my next smoke, and these things are the first product I’ve seen that is close enough to the experience to make giving up seem possible.

    Incredibly, they are banned where I live in Australia.

    No attempt to regulate or test, just ban them. I think the tobacco industry still has some money to buy influence. But I will get one of these somehow, because the promise is too good to ignore.

    The issue of safety is a non issue to me as an individual because I cannot imagine they could be worse for me than what I do now. Same goes with access by children and the possibility of it being a gateway device, these are no concern to me.

    The government should at the very least make these available on prescription from a doctor, I cannot believe they would rather let people die and cost the health system a fortune in cancer treatment.

    Well, I can believe it, it’s what they do.

  4. What became of nicotine inhalers? Were they not effective? They were similar to electronic cigarettes in the sense that they provide that “hand to mouth” distraction.

  5. I am an affiliate for an Electronic Cigarette Supply named BLU (products are shipped out of Charlotte NC)… and I don’t sell anything I haven’t tried myself. I was a hardcore smoker (35 years) and I have been able to kick the cigarette habit with the new electronic cigarette kit. I was so taken back by how easy it was to quit using this method, that I started selling them as an affiliate.

    I don’t know what you folks are thinking. If I smoke cigarettes I’m getting Nicotine and 100 other things. If I smoke electronic cigarettes I get Nicotine and vapor. Which is better? Duh? If I’m going to smoke, the electronic cigarette is better… it’s possible that there are folks out there just like me who don’t want to quit, but know the chemicals and tar are killing them. At least the nicotine part I can wean from. The electronic cigarette comes with cartridges that start at 16 mg and work all the way down to 0 mg. of Nicotine.

    It’s no different then the gum, lozenges, patches, pills… and believe me I’ve tried them all. So it is my personal opinion that they should not be banned, and I am pretty sure that it is the cigarette companies who aren’t getting a kick back from the sales that are having the fit… after all it is the cigarette companies who sell us the patch, the gum…etc. This is just one they didn’t grab up, and they don’t like the thought of others quitting their tobacco products without buying into one of their own quitting schemes.

    I doubt this will be the end to comments here, but think that this is a perfectly good way for smokers (including me) to quit tobacco safely… without bothering anyone around me, so don’t bother me about how I should quit. Let me make my own decisions.

  6. I think the biggest advantage of the e cigarette is definately that you dont bother other people with your smoke anymore. I often felt bad for “poisoning” other people with my smoke.

    I wonder why the FDA is causing troubles with the e cigarette. Its a great tool for many smokers to slowly quit. Just reduce the dose nicotine once in a while until you reach zero.

    Created my own small german blog about the e cigarette. Its not very popular here yet. Might be the only e smoker here in germany haha.

    Thanks for your article. Love your blog keep it up!

  7. The biggest maybe is in the propylene glycol, the stuff that makes the vapour. Although tests have been done on propylene glycol in other applications, those applications do not involve regular inhalation of the stuff. I use an electronic cigarette regularaly and am concerned as to the effects of the PG more than the nicotine. I would like to see clicnical trials done in that respect, hopefully in Uk soon they will, as the government is proposing classifying the liquid as a medecine, which will mean that sellers will have to get a license from MRHA, which will involve having to have done clinical trials. I am sure there must be enough profit in the sales to facilitate that.

  8. i have got an electronic cigarette from E-Light on the box it says not to be sold to people under 18 years i would like to know more about any dangers i do think some tests should be done tho

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