Dig in to those healthy eggs


I’m glad to hear that doctors have now decided eggs are not that dangerous to your health. In fact, they are recommending it as part of a healthy, balanced diet. What a relief!

I love eggs but have always been scared of the high cholesterol content. We used to buy the healthy alternatives, like the low-cholesterol eggs, or even eggbeaters, containing only egg whites. When I was a kid, I wouldn’t have minded just eating the whites. I hated the yolk. But as I got older, I acquired a taste for the yolk as well, and I hated waste. So, I felt guilty either way. For a while, we did not even eat much eggs. Now, I can relax.

Scientists now say that cutting down on eggs does not significantly reduce your blood cholesterol level, as that is mostly determined by your own body’s production of cholesterol. I have always known your body makes cholesterol, because it is a necessary component in the body’s daily functioning. It is the oil that keeps the body’s machinery going. But scientists also warn that the high saturated fat content of foods, like fatty meats and those delicious pastries and sweets, are still dangerous. That’s because the body uses the fat to produce cholesterol. Eggs have relatively small amounts of cholesterol compared to these foods. Eggs also have many other nutrients, which are important for the body. Therefore, the benefits of eggs outweigh the risks.

The emphasis, these days, is on reducing the intake of saturated fats. Cutting down on those sweets is going to be even tougher than cutting out the eggs.

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