Cigarette smoking kills your pocket book


The detrimental effects of cigarette smoking has been emphasised for ages. Cigarette packaging requires the placement of a statement advising people that cigarettes can kill. Now, some even contain graphic photos of the effects of smoking. Ads on TV and radio continually concentrate on the fact that smoking can lead to death. Yet, young people still start smoking in their teens.

I cannot understand what drives the teens to smoke. Is it simply peer pressure? Is it just picking on the habit from their parents? There is not one simple answer to this. But it’s obvious that the advertising is not working. Tobacco products are highly taxed and their prices have skyrocketed in recent years. Yet, it has not deterred those who are determined to smoke.

Even as the recession worsens and spending is decreased, people continue to put out money to buy those cigarettes. There are some very young people out there, who have lost their jobs and are frustrated by it. Yet, in interviews they will mention that they need money to buy their cigarettes. It is one of their priorities.

It is very sad that nicotine is so addicting that it can take over a person’s life. Some think that smoking calms them down when they are stressed. What they do not realise is that smoking increases their heart rate and causes long-term anxiety. Some of their perceived stress is actually a withdrawal symptom due to the addiction. In reality, some people have developed anxiety disorders, such as panic attacks, due to smoking, whether it is long-term or short-term.

If you look at the economics alone, a person smoking even a pack a day, will spend from 1500-2000 GBP, or even the same amount in dollars, each year. They should consider what they can use that money for.

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