Can mushrooms and green tea prevent breast cancer?


Scientific studies are flawed in so many ways, but it’s nice to think that foods such as mushrooms and green tea, both of which I enjoy, may help reduce the risk of breast cancer. As I’m always quick to advise, take these scientific studies with a pinch of salt. Not too much, though, since it might increase your blood pressure.

Now, the study was done on Chinese women, so if you are not of Chinese descent, this study might not apply to you. But they did find that those who ate at least 10g of fresh mushrooms a day were 64% less likely to develop breast cancer. Dried mushroom had a slightly less protective effect. I wonder where canned/tinned or frozen mushrooms fell.

As for green tea, the beneficial effects have been touted for ages now. Tea, in general, is known to contain antioxidants that help reduce risk of cancers. There’s been talk of red tea, green tea, black tea, and just plain tea. However, each of the teas contain different ingredients, so each are protective of different things. And, apparently, it’s the green tea that is protective of breast cancer.

Well, to be sure, the scientists warn that the best thing is always to maintain a healthy diet, but if you like mushrooms and green tea, it wouldn’t hurt to stock up.

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