Blood pressure pills for everyone?


I cannot believe these experts (Professor Malcolm Law, Richard McManus, Jonathan Mant) are calling for everyone above the age of 55 to start taking blood pressure pills.  One of them is a pioneer of the so-called “polypill”.  Is he advocating the use of blood pressure pills because he has a financial stake in this?  Isn’t there a conflict of interest?

Though others support him, there are some who reasonably point out that regardless of the safety profile of many blood pressure medicines, there are always potential side effects.  If it didn’t have side effects, it would be the perfect pill, and no such medicine has yet been produced.  Furthermore, most doctors I know would recommend dietary changes and exercise as the first steps to reduce blood pressure.

These so-called experts claim that beyond a certain age (what age?) we all have high blood pressure and would benefit from medicine to reduce strokes.  How stupid is that?  Not all have high blood pressure.  In fact, many have very low blood pressures.  These people need to start thinking about individuals rather than their pocket books.

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