Ageing gracefully


Have you ever looked at glamourous celebrities and wondered how you could look just as good as they do at their age? Well, scientists have concluded that those who look fuller in the cheek are those who look younger.

Yes, a study of twins showed that those who are lighter in weight look older by several years. This is exemplified by several actresses that were showcased in the Daily Telegraph. Yes, I agree that some of those gaunt celebrities do not look very good, but it’s hard to know what their age is just by the picture. What they needed to do was compare actresses of similar ages. Of course, you can’t even apply the theories to the stars because many of them also have all their fitness gurus working with them, not to mention plastic surgeons.

But I have noticed over the years that ‘fat’ faces do look younger. This is one advantage for those who are overweight. However, it should not be an inducement for women to overeat to keep a youthful appearance. On the other hand, women are also advised not to lose too much weight, as this is detrimental to their skin. It is sound advice because the ‘thin’ image had created many eating disorders. Poor physical and mental health contribute significantly to the ageing process, and we know that eating disorders are part of that vicious cycle of poor physical and mental health.

So, it is best to keep fit and accept that as you age, you may gain a little weight. Don’t try to fight nature, but don’t be too complacent, either.

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